How Do You Answer…Why Should We Hire You?

//How Do You Answer…Why Should We Hire You?

How Do You Answer…Why Should We Hire You?

This is the most common question asked during an interview and typically comes towards the end. You may have answered all the previous questions flawlessly but if you don’t have your “60-second Pitch” prepared you could miss out on letting that interviewer know what sets you apart from the rest of the applicants.

I caution you to jump into any interview without first doing research on the company and job requirements. This enables you to tailor responses, questions you should be asking and allows you to highlight what you think they need to know about you. Which brings me back to the original topic at hand – Why should they hire you?

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Whether you’re a recent college graduate, breaking into management, professional manager or at the executive level, you need a pitch that addresses the following questions.

#1: Why are you the best in the field / industry?

#2: How can you deliver result immediately?

#3: What is your Value Proposition? (What separates you from other people?)

You should refrain from generalizations by providing specific examples to support your statements. For example:

  • You said: I am never late on paperwork.
  • What you should say: I consistently meet deadlines by prioritizing and delegating tasks.
  • You said: I am a team player.
  • What you should say: I enjoy collaborating on projects and working on a team to meet    objectives.
  •  You said: I am very organized.
  • What you should say: I am proficient in utilizing time management tools to ensure tasks are completed by close of business.

Now that you understand what you should be including in your answer to this question, try it out. Write a rough draft and don’t forget to practice it! Pick a trusted source to critique you and help you re-write if necessary. Memorize it and answer this question with confidence next time you’re asked.

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