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Recruiter Matching

We thrive off of relationships. As a free service to job seekers, we pass along the resumes of top candidates to our deep, nationwide network of recruiters to help make connections for you, the job seeker.

Where larger companies or resume mills falter is they lose focus on the most important aspect of a job search – landing a position. Even as a small business, we always try to pack as much value into our service as possible, and the ability to provide personalized recruiter matching as a free service to our clients is just one thing that separates us from others in the industry.

Aside from quality and customer service, probably the next biggest aspect of our brand is relationship building. Over the past 10 years, we have built trusted relationships with recruiters nationwide in every industry, vertical, and market.

How often have you wanted to target a specific company, but didn’t know where to start or who to contact? Instead of wishing you had an in with your target company, let us help. As a free service to all of our clients, you have full access to our network, which includes the world’s best companies.

Whether Finance & Accounting, Information Technology, Operations, Sales, or any of the countless other specialties or areas of expertise, we are able to connect you directly with recruiters at staffing companies that operate specifically in your industry, in your market.

For our executive clients, tap into our extensive network of Executive Recruiters. Whether large, multi-national executive search firms or small, boutique executive placement firms, we can expedite your search through our relationships.

Our network becomes your network.
We’re connected with the world’s best companies.