The Corporate Ladder: Breaking Out from Entry-Level

//The Corporate Ladder: Breaking Out from Entry-Level

The Corporate Ladder: Breaking Out from Entry-Level

Corporate Ladder

Since most people start out at the bottom, the rise to the top can feel like a daunting task ahead of you. The feelings you have about where you are in your career and where you think you deserve to be are dependent on many factors that have led to where you are today. By far the hardest jump you will have to make in your career will be from entry-level to management.

True, every industry has different titles and job functions and there might even be several steps in-between depending on your career path. Some employers even glorify titles to allow their employees to seem more appealing to clients (Have you seen Boiler Room?).  Whether you work in a call center, selling in the field or in a retail store, entry-level is all the same and everyone wants to get out of it.

Now, what can you do to “climb to the top.” Well, it’s incremental. If you have a “want it right now” attitude, I can assure you, you will be disappointed. An important first step is to GET NOTICED.

Getting noticed by fellow co-workers, managers and executives within your company can bring you a long way. That’s not to say suck up to everyone you see on a daily basis, as that can have a reverse effect. Instead, receive recognition for exceptional work, participate in sales contests, even volunteer for events, and mingle with people outside your department. If people already recognize you as an informal leader it makes validating a promotion that much easier.

Another valuable asset to moving up is COMMUNICATION. Communicate to your boss that you are interested in being a leader in the company. Expressing an interest in growing with the company is vital to your successful climb. Without a doubt you will start to be awarded additional responsibilities that will prepare you for the steps ahead.

POSITIVITY will also get you far when it comes to bridging the gap between entry-level and management. It is so easy to get caught up with negative workplace conversations. Remember you don’t need to agree with every company change and decision made, but until you are in a position to make them yourself keep your chatter down. Ask questions about why things are being done and you might just change your mind.

Get Noticed, Communicate and Stay Positive. Sounds easy right? Try it out. Unless you are an heir/heiress, you do have a long journey ahead. Play your cards right and it might just pay off big time.



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