You Got the Interview…Now What?

//You Got the Interview…Now What?

You Got the Interview…Now What?

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Great Job! The purpose of your resume is to help you land that interview, whether it was for a big promotion or career transition it did its job. The next step in your process is interview prep, and if you’ve had your resume professionally written you should already have a few key achievements and career highlights to discuss your strengths with a potential employer. It’s important that you not only showcase what you did in your previous roles, but also obstacles you’ve encountered and how you’ve resolved them along the way.

If a recruiter contacted you to set up an interview they already know that you’ve held similar roles and meet the minimum qualifications; there is no need to start the interview with a chronological run-down of positions you’ve had. That’s your resume’s job. Come prepared to answer behavioral type questions for how you handle situations. Take a look at some sample behavioral questions published on Prep your answers to common questions but be careful not to sound too scripted. Practice with a colleague or friend who will give you honest feedback.

Don’t forget, hiring managers are looking for the perfect fit for the company, the team and peer group. Making sure you understand the company’s culture, mission statement and role is vital before you step foot in the conference room. If this is an industry change for you, develop a strategy for how you will learn and transition into the new environment. Be careful not to make ill statements about previous employers, industries or roles, as these are red flags for an employee who might not be considered a team player.

These are just a few tips for prepping for your upcoming interview, there are many online and hard copy resources that can help you further with your interviewing skills. Good luck!

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