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The #1 Question

There are hundreds of questions one could ask when it comes to their resume and resume preparation, but the number one question we get here at Resume Platform is: Do I need two resumes? The short answer is NO.

Job seekers, especially those who are looking to change direction, industry or have been displaced from their current position are often interested in applying for multiple positions across many different areas. They want to lay all their cards out on the table and see where the chips fall. While, I caution you to hone in on your transferable skills and not apply to every position you think you might have a shot at, it’s understandable that a resume may need to be altered a little but not completely shift direction.

imagesWYASK70TWhat’s a transferable skill? Think about the roles that you have had, compare your tasks and you’ll find transferable skills. Think about how those skills can directly apply to your target job. You’ll use transferable skills to highlight why you are qualified for the position in a summary paragraph in the top third of your resume.

The Top Third:  This refers to the area of your resume that you can make necessary changes to in order to meet specific requirements, insert keywords or promote programs, software, and systems that are critical to a position.

How do you know what’s important? The key to finding out what’s the most important information to include on your resume comes from analyzing job descriptions. Take similar positions and line the job descriptions and requirements side-by-side. domain data For example: if three positions contain the phrase “process improvement,” you’ll want to emphasize this area in the top portion of your resume. Make sure you can speak to how you contribute to process improvement, don’t just make a generalized statement.

There are very few times a resume will need to take two completely different directions, it’s simply about determining transferable skill sets and making slight adjustment along the way. Even a professionally written resume might need to have some adjustment made to it as your target jobs change.

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