Career Marketing, What’s That?

//Career Marketing, What’s That?

Career Marketing, What’s That?

Here at Resume Platform we don’t just write resumes, we provide career marketing. In 2015 a list of your achievements and prior job titles will not be enough to set you above the rest. Our company tag line “Position Yourself for Success” is at the root of every document we produce, because if you’re not keeping their attention you’re not getting the job.

So, Why do you need it?

Like any advertisement, you want to draw the readers attention to the most important aspect of the document = The Product. In the case of a career marketing document the product is YOU. You want the reader (recruiter/hiring manager) to take a chance on you and call you for an interview. You only have 10 seconds to grab their attention, so every bit of content provided needs to serve this purpose.

What goes into it?

The options are limitless. Since each individual client is unique, no two documents are the exact same. We will always recommend either a traditional resume package or “executive branding” document as the first place to start. This all depends on your industry, target jobs and even personality type. You can check out our samples here, to get a better idea of what information goes into a career marketing document.

Next, (vital in most industries) is a LinkedIn profile. RP clients don’t just get a copy and paste of their resume information like many other firms provide. We provide LinkedIn Optimization which incorporates strategies for joining groups, optimizing character usage and symbols, gaining recommendations and including media to ensure your profile in 100% complete (not hypothetically complete, really, LinkedIn will give your profile a percentage of completeness). Most people don’t know that if your profile is not complete, you won’t show up at the top of searches no matter how qualified you may be.

So there you have it, career marketing is a relatively new term but necessary in today’s job market. Not only will it position you as the best candidate for a position, it will help you with networking that is vital to your career progression. Need more info? Comment below or send us an email at

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